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Steal her look: Ursula the Sea Witch. 🐙🐚💜🖤

(100% colour-matched this outfit for maximum Ursularity.)

Playing with some new toys: a fantastic macro lens attachment, and these adorable Lego Disney Minifigures.

In case you hadn’t already guessed my favourite Disney movie.

And, after photographing the villains, it seemed only fair to turn my new macro lens attachment to the heroes. (The set-up for this one was, by the way, deceptively elaborate, haha.)

Fun fact: the original Alice for whom the book was written actually shares my surname (though I’ve never had the genealogical motivation to see if we’re actually related).

This year, courtesy of my two dearest friends, I received the absolute best birthday presents a man could ever hope for – to wit: an Ursula birthday cake flavoured like a giant Jaffa Cake, and the closest (or at least most legal way) I will ever come to owning a red panda.