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Technically in London for work last month, but there’s always time for sightseeing.



Owing to some judicious use of the refresh button in the 30 seconds before they went on sale last year: front row seats at Wicked! 💚 If possible, I loved it even more at the Edinburgh Playhouse than when we saw it in London all those years ago.


London Calling! 🇬🇧


Campaign shots for Exotic Ecdysiast by Kim Khaos: traditional burlesque costumes for a modern age! Photographed in the glorious setting of The Britannia Panopticon Music Hall – the world’s oldest surviving music hall, right here in Glasgow. You can see the video we filmed below, and the full set of photos under the cut (along with some behind the scenes shots).


Final promotional image for Rachel Jackson’s one-woman show Memoirs of a Bunny Boiler, touring Newcastle to Glasgow, 2016. (In case you were wondering what we needed all that blood for.)

You can see some of the other options after the cut.


Some recent work with the Physical Theatre Scotland group.

Gordon Black. (more…)

Production still from Anthony Bull’s Hunter: a one-man play starring Patrick Neyman, The show is being presented in conjunction with David Miles’ Plastic Works exhibition at The Tabernacle in London and will run from the 9th to the 14th of September. The play was first presented at the Virginia Gallery in Glasgow (where I took these photos).

Hunter is an hour-long monologue about a man who meets and falls for a beautiful performance artist and photographer. Using his own vanity as a weapon, she coerces him into increasingly outlandish and sexual exploits until he becomes concerned that he may have gone viral. (more…)