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Giles recently met his new neighbour, Nevis the Dachshund – possibly the only pup around that makes Glasgow’s tiniest cavalier look like a normal-sized dog. Giles is a little intimidated owing to a previous bad experience with a sausage dog but now that Nevis has joined the Townhounds Dog Walking pack, I’m sure Nevis will be his favourite cocktail sausage in no time! (Which is just as well really since I’m making every excuse possible to run into him.) 🌭



Taking advantage of the mysterious glowing orb spotted over Glasgow this month.


Alf exploring the great outdoors on his prison-issue harness.


A reunion 15 years in the making! You can take the girls out of Texas, but you can’t stop Monica from trying to smuggle a jar of Nutella through international customs. 🚨


Thank you Blythswood Square Hotel for helping make our anniversary a special occasion and for having A+ bathroom selfie lighting. 🥂


Some exciting events coming up in the next few months: front-row seats at Wicked; Game of Thrones live concert experience with the show’s actual composer Ramin Djawadi; and kicking things off last night…a man and two friends reading his father’s barely-literate erotica.

We were out of pink peppercorns so had to resort to using actual pomegranate in our pomegranate cocktails.

Huge thank you to Jamie, James and Alice for cutting across our dreams! 💦 And to My Dad Wrote a Porno for being the most hilarious thing I’ve listened to in years. The podcast has made me laugh at a variety of inappropriate times and locations, but I most distinctly remember John telling me I had to stop listening to it in public when I was in actual tears on a highly crowded but otherwise silent train. I challenged him to listen to it and not have the same reaction…whereupon he came home one day and admitted that he’d been cackling to himself during his entire commute to work.

“He’d fly through the air with the greatest of ease.”

I needed a new gym goal after (finally) learning to swim, so what better use of the Arlington’s uniquely-equipped facilities than learning to *swing*!  🏊⭕

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