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Name me a sexier combination of words than “adult braces”. I’ll wait. πŸš‚

My first self-designed tattoo! John’s name spelled in molecules. πŸβš›οΈπŸ’›

Done, as always, by the immensely talented Gillian Turner Ink.

(Her name is Bee Arthur.)


Giles went with me to Dundee this month and met his doggy uncles.


So we have a dog now. Meet Mr Giles! πŸΆπŸ’—


All that I could forgive. But, Debbie…pastels?

Birthday dinner at Ramen Dayo last month; and some of the most authentic-tasting ramen I’ve had this side of Japan. (Veg/an options available – and, indeed, pictured!) 🍜

Added bonus: they were also showing Ghibli movies in the background (Totoro then Spirited Away) and the lovely waitress gave me a free pack of hi-chew when she found out it was my birthday! I’ve just learned that they’re now selling melon soda which definitely necessitates a return trip. 🍈