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We now return to our regularly scheduled cat photos. (aka a mega-post of everything from the first half of 2016 that didn’t merit its own entry).


Minerva and Alf have discovered their new arch-nemesis.

You’d think with this entry covering half a year’s worth of miscellaneous photos that there’d be fewer than 98% cat pictures. And you would be wrong.


The latter half of 2012 (and beginning of 2013), as viewed through my phone. (more…)

Enough time has passed that I can post an entire collection of cat pictures, right? (more…)

Back in 2009, I found the geek glasses of my dreams, and though there was a small issue of miscommunication between myself and the Japanese salesgirl (I needed the legs to be tighter, and she was spreading them like it was Basic Instinct 3), she soon had them soldered back to perfection. Over time, however, they quietly crept back into a state of bowleggedness, which is why I paid a quick visit to Boots Opticians earlier this year and asked if they could do anything to alleviate the spectacles’ ever-deepening rickets. Scarcely five minutes had passed when the optician returned, and – joy of joys – handed me a pair of glasses that were the correct shape for my head for the first time in about three years…an elation that lasted all of two months until they literally snapped apart in my hands while I was in the middle of cleaning them.

My resulting horror is threefold, owing to the fact that I a) paid about a third of a month’s wage for these glasses at a time when I was being vastly overpaid by the Japanese government, b) have but one spare pair, and those with a prescription that’s so out of date that I gave myself eye strain within an hour of wearing them, and c) have resorted to fixing the broken pair with honest-to-god tape, which has removed all the irony of wearing geek glasses in the first place and left me a neck-brace short of the nerd who dies first in an ’80s horror movie. And lest we forget d) the fact that three independent opticians have pronounced them irreparable.

At present, I’m exploring two avenues of rescue: either by somehow tracking down the exact same frames through the magic of the internet (which would, in turn, eliminate the cost of buying new lenses since I could cannibalise them from the existing pair) or using this otherwise disaster to justify the purchase of a new and completely different pair as I was so idly considering doing before any of this happened. The only problem with the latter solution: I am notoriously difficult to please (in all avenues of life, but especially when it comes to something that will be attached to my face), and also that I can’t tell if I’m attracted to these Oliver Goldsmith frames, or just the model wearing them. More on this situation as it develops.

In lighter news: a few recent photos, predominantly – though not exclusively – feline in nature. Contain your shock. (more…)

It’s Mother’s Day in the UK today and, accordingly, I’ve put together this video starring my mum’s new favourite son: Humphrey the Pug. He visited my house earlier in the week, and the cats’ reactions were the exact opposite of what I’d anticipated: which is to say that Wilfred (despite being his flat-faced brethren) was terrified; and Alf (who normally hates all other animals) followed him around everywhere and tried to pick up by the scruff of his neck as if Humph were his very own baby.