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And, bringing us fully up to date, the latter half of 2015. (Hey, this is still a step up from posting the last set of Halloween photos in January!)


I’ve wanted to try this for a while now, and – with Episode VII just around the corner – this seemed like the best possible year for it!

More photos under the cut!


My one condition to myself on getting tattoos was that any image I’d have engraved permanently on my body had to represent a significant milestone in my personal history. The difficulty, however, was never in thinking of historic life markers to commemorate, but rather in choosing a single image which encapsulated that period in my mind (and, equally pertinently, which I’d be happy wearing on my skin for the rest of my life).


Nice to see Glasgow Central getting into the spirit of things…horrible pun mostly unintended.

Last night, John and I carved our very own pumpkins, and now you can, too, with our easy to follow guide! (more…)