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Me trying these on in IOLLA:
“Do these glasses make me look like Jeffrey Dahmer?”

Mark Liddell 2019 | Facebook | Flickr | Instagram | Website


I recently had the pleasure of shooting promo images for the hilarious Susan Riddell’s upcoming show, “Duvet Day”. Already an established comedy writer and performer for the BBC Writers’ Room, Susan will be performing Duvet Day at the Edinburgh Fringe this summer, championing the virtues of laziness in an increasingly manic world. Tickets are on sale now!

You can follow Susan on Twitter to find more of her upcoming work (including an upcoming comedy series alongside fellow comedian Rachel Jackson!).

Mark Liddell 2019 | Facebook | Flickr | Instagram | Website

Spring has sprung. 🌸


Giles’ has officially loved this Mogwai toy to death and it now has a date with the bin. (I don’t know if these pictures capture how horrifying it is in person.)

Celebrating 16 years, back in St Andrews where it all started. 💖

🥑🥑 Watch out, Antoni Porowski, I’m coming for your gig. 🥑🥑

Just to let you know that there’s an entire documentary on Netflix right now centred around a red Persian and it’s pretty much the best thing ever. 🧡

…not that I’m in any way biased.