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You’d think with this entry covering half a year’s worth of miscellaneous photos that there’d be fewer than 98% cat pictures. And you would be wrong.


…and a happy birthday to Wilfred! Three months old in this photo and three years old today, he’s definitely gotten fluffier in the interim; I’m just not convinced that he ever got very much bigger!


I’ll be taking a temporary leave of absence from WordPress as John and I leave for New York in the morning, but will – I’m sure – have plenty of pictures to share once we get back. For now, however, I’ll quote Ms. Holly Golightly in noting that it’s getting late – I’m leaving tomorrow and I haven’t even begun to pack.

The must-have accessory for all aspiring cat ladies: a commissioned cardboard sculpture of your furry friend. Made by the very talented Charlotte Duffy of Waste of Paint Productions, and inspired by this particular photo.

Wilfred and his cardboard doppelgänger.

Wilfred turned 2 yesterday! And is still just 3kg. We don’t think he’s getting any bigger…

The latter half of 2012 (and beginning of 2013), as viewed through my phone. (more…)

A year-end round-up of every picture that didn’t belong anywhere else. (more…)