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Welcome…to Furassic Park. Merry Christmas 2017 from us and our ever-expanding furry family! 🎄🦁🐯🐻🐱


These three pictures are basically a perfect representation of the cats’ reactions to Giles:



“Oh god he’s right behind me isn’t he?”

Aging gracefully in the Provand’s Lordship – medieval dwelling and the oldest remaining house in Glasgow. Because what better way to make me feel better about my birthday than surrounding myself with things even older than I am.


If any of you are Tumblr users, you might be familiar with this photo of Minerva as a kitten, which now has something insane like 300,000+ notes. The above recreation, however, was taken on this very day, in celebration of her second birthday! A tad bigger than when she arrived, but no less crazy. Long may her reign of terror continue!


Road trip! Thankfully for all parties, a smoother effort than last year’s.


Mini had her operation a few months back and good behaviour being an impossibility for Bengals, the Cone of Shame was a tragic (albeit hilarious) necessity to keep her away from her stitches.


A (predominantly but not entirely) feline foray into the last few months.


I’ve been holding off from making an official announcement until we knew for sure that it was happening, but I can now say with absolutely certainty that Alf and Wilf are getting a little sister! Meet Minerva (aka Mini), a beautiful Bengal girl who will – with any luck – be joining us in less than a month’s time. (more…)