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Spotted these guys collecting pollen outside our building. Look at their jaunty little pollen saddlebags! 🐝

(10 points to the first person who can name that piece of music.)

Red Hot

Posted: February 15, 2017 in Photography
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I was initially puzzled as to why my beard has taken on a decidedly Titian hue, but – upon macroscopic inspection – have discovered that it’s not in fact ginger…

…but every hair colour imaginable (?!).

Adding to the increasingly adorable collection of Lego ladies: X-Men’s Mystique!

(Not pictured: a friend blowing e-cig smoke in a darkened bathroom to create an air of…dear god, give me any other word besides mystique.)

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Playing with some new toys: a fantastic macro lens attachment, and these adorable Lego Disney Minifigures.

In case you hadn’t already guessed my favourite Disney movie.

And, after photographing the villains, it seemed only fair to turn my new macro lens attachment to the heroes. (The set-up for this one was, by the way, deceptively elaborate, haha.)

Fun fact: the original Alice for whom the book was written actually shares my surname (though I’ve never had the genealogical motivation to see if we’re actually related).

RIP Pirate Tooth ☠ – last vestige of Japanese dentistry in my head. Oh, the places we’ve been and meals we’ve shared.