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Answering the hard-hitting questions – primarily: “What were your pets doing during the autumn months?”


Something for the weekend. 💈

Hair by Rum Barber, Glasgow. ✂️


All that I could forgive. But, Debbie…pastels?

Mint 🌿

(If you could see my roots, it’s more like mint chocolate chip.)

Sunset: nature’s most flattering filter.


Red Hot

Posted: February 15, 2017 in Photography
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I was initially puzzled as to why my beard has taken on a decidedly Titian hue, but – upon macroscopic inspection – have discovered that it’s not in fact ginger…

…but every hair colour imaginable (?!).

When you refloor your house to match your #aesthetic. (But seriously I’m in love with flooring. 😍)

Touch wood, all of my grey hairs are – at this stage – intentional!

Rediscovered this beautiful bracelet from Kiel James Patrick. ⚓

I initially left it to rot in hell after a slew of morons at Fed-Ex failed – not once, but twice – to check their mail for the cheque I’d sent to cover the customs charges and threatened me with litigation. 🙃

Happy New Year! 🎊🎉 Here’s to the extinction of 2016.

T. rex necklace by The White Fire.
Conroy leather jacket from AllSaints.


A short teaser I filmed for death-defying husband and wife duo, The Death Do Us Part Danger Show.

(I think I lost a year of my life shooting that balloon trick.)

Attending the Gatsby Club also gave me the opportunity to live my Lady Mary Crawley fantasy.