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Family vacay with Giles, back to where his parents met!


“But dearer far the little town,
The drifting surge, the wintry year,
The college of the scarlet gown.
St Andrews by the Northern Sea”

I don’t get back to St Andrews half as often as I’d like, but now I can carry it with me. Tattoo by the always incredible Gillian Turner Ink, who recently opened her very own studio alongside the phenomenally talented team at Aughra’s Eye.

Having already plumped for the St Rule’s tickets, we decided to go all-out and visit both of the town’s primary tourist which we somehow never got round to visiting in the literal years we lived there…and the decade-plus since.


Our first proper trip back to St Andrews in years! This time with the added fun of being able to show it to two friends who’d never visited at all.


On Steph’s final day in Scotland, the two of us decided to rent a car and take a road trip to St Andrews. Picture, if you will, an American driver on the opposite side of the road for the first time, being led by someone who can’t drive full stop. Great knowing you! (more…)