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Bee-ring back…my girls. 🐝💍

So I finally made it to the new V&A design museum in my hometown of Dundee over the winter.


At some point in the ’80s, the following dialogue took place:

Studio Exec 1: “Remember that beloved childhood classic, The Wizard of Oz? Well I’ve had an idea for a sequel. Dorothy gets sent to a mental hospital to undergo unethical torture under the guise of electroshock therapy while the previous failed experiments scream in the basement. Soon, she escapes to Oz – a once-magical land that’s now host to unimaginable terrors and headless freaks – where she’s hunted and almost killed at every turn.”
Studio Exec 2: “Great, when do we start?”

While I’ve still never understood how Disney greenlit the movie, I do know that Tik-Tok was always one of my favourite characters, and this necklace by Canterbury-based design team Sugar & Vice captures him perfectly. Specialising in laser-cut jewellery and accessories, you can see more of their amazing work over at

For costume tuition and consultations, contact Kim Khaos over on Facebook, or email her at (She is, at this very moment, sewing my Halloween costume!)


The must-have accessory for all aspiring cat ladies: a commissioned cardboard sculpture of your furry friend. Made by the very talented Charlotte Duffy of Waste of Paint Productions, and inspired by this particular photo.

Wilfred and his cardboard doppelgänger.

Merchants House (Now & Then) (Click for full size)

Candleriggs (Now & Then) (Click for full size)

My two pieces for The Merchant City’s Working exhibition at the Virginia Gallery, part of the Merchant City Festival 2013. The idea behind the exhibition was to pay homage to the vintage black and white photographs that showed people working in the city, and capture what makes the Merchant City a vibrant and uniquely cultural part of Glasgow.

Never one to make things easy for myself, I had the idea of creating images which would literally show the buildings peeling back to reveal the history of the Merchant City beneath.