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These three pictures are basically a perfect representation of the cats’ reactions to Giles:



“Oh god he’s right behind me isn’t he?”

Out with the old cat tree…

…and in with the ✨super deluxe✨ new! 😻

Seasonal round-up, mostly featuring cat pictures.


We now return to our regularly scheduled cat photos. (aka a mega-post of everything from the first half of 2016 that didn’t merit its own entry).


Aging gracefully in the Provand’s Lordship – medieval dwelling and the oldest remaining house in Glasgow. Because what better way to make me feel better about my birthday than surrounding myself with things even older than I am.


If any of you are Tumblr users, you might be familiar with this photo of Minerva as a kitten, which now has something insane like 300,000+ notes. The above recreation, however, was taken on this very day, in celebration of her second birthday! A tad bigger than when she arrived, but no less crazy. Long may her reign of terror continue!


Minerva and Alf have discovered their new arch-nemesis.

You’d think with this entry covering half a year’s worth of miscellaneous photos that there’d be fewer than 98% cat pictures. And you would be wrong.


Enough time has passed that I can post an all-cat entry, right? (more…)

Can’t Hug Every Cat

Posted: September 7, 2011 in Photography
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We always planned on getting three cats. Just not, perhaps, within the space of a week.

So about that… (more…)