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…the lesser-known Sondheim classic.



Tried for a lovely autumnal photoshoot.

Giles had other ideas. 🍁🍂

And, bringing us fully up to date, the latter half of 2015. (Hey, this is still a step up from posting the last set of Halloween photos in January!)


Björkboda to Helsinki: our second cross-country voyage in as many days.


(Yes, I have been waiting a month to make that pun.)


Though most people are, I think, aware of the Japanese tradition of hanami (literally “flower viewing” – the custom of admiring the cherry blossoms in spring), the corresponding period of kouyou is a little less documented. It refers to the leaves changing colour in autumn (a word, it occurs to me, for which English lacks an elegant equivalent) and it’s not uncommon for people to travel to the most scenic spots across the country on momijigari (autumn leaf hunts) in search of the most beautiful spots.

Autumn is, by no small coincidence, my favourite season, and loath to miss out on a much-beloved tradition through mere geography, I made a concerted this year to find a spot in Glasgow for a momijigari of my own. It might not have been Kyoto, but my inaugural visit to Kelvingrove Park proved a surprisingly pictureseque substitute. (more…)