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Family vacay with Giles, back to where his parents met!


Celebrating 16 years, back in St Andrews where it all started. 💖

Thank you Blythswood Square Hotel for helping make our anniversary a special occasion and for having A+ bathroom selfie lighting. 🥂


So today is significant for 3 reasons.

1. As big a Star Wars fan as I am, May the 4th will always be, first and foremost, Audrey Hepburn’s birthday.
2. It’s also, as it happens, John’s and my (15th!) anniversary.
3. At the confluence of those two things is this moment, on the steps of Holly Golightly’s apartment in New York City. Because “life’s a fact – people do fall in love. People do belong to each other.”



John and I celebrated our 12th anniversary this weekend. (We had a terribly romantic evening and went to see The Avengers.)

It seems at once astounding and natural that ten years should have passed since John and I got together.

Our first sighting and first meeting were actually several months apart, the former having occurred on our very first day in St Andrews. I was standing in line to pick up my rooms keys, and couldn’t help but notice the 6’2 blonde who’d fallen off the pages of Vogue to find himself towering in front of me. I wouldn’t learn until much later that he had, in fact, been paying just as much attention to me, but it wasn’t until a mutual friend introduced us four months later that we actually spoke – a decision she would later rue on account of being a religious fanatic who was less than pleased to have played inadvertent matchmaker. John has since confessed that he spent the weeks that followed making increasingly flimsy excuses to visit the shop in our dorm’s foyer in the hope of finding me studying in the same spot he’d seen me in before. Suffice it to say that after a short while, he no longer needed an alibi.

A lot has changed since then, and it hasn’t always been easy. There are few people with whom I can exist so perfectly, but extrinsic factors – like my moving to Japan and subsequently living 6,000 miles apart for the better part of three years – aren’t always conducive to a relationship. All the same, it was never a question of whether we could make it work, just how, and how much longer until it would be better again. It might not have been the straightest of paths to get here, but the destination was always the same – a real life place that made us feel like Tiffany’s, where we could buy some furniture and give the cat a name.

John gave me a card earlier, and wrote very beautifully about how he felt upon reaching our ten-year anniversary. I haven’t been able to return the favour yet, because there’s nothing I can say that would do justice to how much better my life is with him in it, or how grateful I am for the years we’ve spent together, or how ready I am for all the years still to come. And if words fail me in expressing how happy I am to have John in my life, then maybe it’s easier to say that I can simply no longer imagine my life without him.