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Celebrating 10 years of this malcontented ragdoll terrorising the other animals, shitting on the floor when his box isn’t clean enough, screaming at us because we’re not following his ordained feeding schedule…and being forgiven for all his crimes when he jumps up on the bed for cuddles every night and morning. Happy birthday, Alf. 💙🎈

Alf exploring the great outdoors on his prison-issue harness.


Welcome…to Furassic Park. Merry Christmas 2017 from us and our ever-expanding furry family! 🎄🦁🐯🐻🐱


These three pictures are basically a perfect representation of the cats’ reactions to Giles:



“Oh god he’s right behind me isn’t he?”

After 8 years of contented house cat-dom, Alf has decided that he’s an intrepid explorer.

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Mini had her operation a few months back and good behaviour being an impossibility for Bengals, the Cone of Shame was a tragic (albeit hilarious) necessity to keep her away from her stitches.