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I can finally share one of the coolest projects I worked on last year – a video commissioned by the Ibusuki/Yakushima tourist board to promote this amazing, undiscovered region in the south of Japan! 

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My two-week Japan Rail Pass having kicked in, it was time to start some serious travelling. First stop: Nagasaki!


I was recently asked to explain where I’d visited in Japan using Game of Thrones as a rough geographical guide. I replied that if Tokyo were King’s Landing, then where Colin and Kim now live is the blazing south of Dorne, and my former home of Akita would be the frozen plains of Winterfell. Never was this more apparent than when we paid a visit to the Fukiagehama Sand Art Festival: rather in contrast to the snow festival I’d seen whilst living in the north.


The plan had been to drive up to Miyazaki on the east coast but, as we set out on the road that morning and the skies became increasingly dismal and torrential, we decided it might be an idea to stay slightly closer to home rather than suffer an 8-hour round trip to stand outside in the rain.