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We’re all going on a Holland holiday.

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Gym Progress 2018: Since all of my accomplishments this year have been athletic vs. aesthetic, here’s something a little different! 🎪 (With thanks, as ever, to the Arlington Baths Club for the incredible facilities.)

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TINA!!! …bring me the axe! ⛏️🍫

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Throwback to summer when John and I took Giles on the most amazing trip to the dog-friendly Coach House at Middleton Lodge – a Georgian Country Estate in rural North Yorkshire. Currently debating whether we can swing another visit this Christmas…

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“Will happen, happening, happened.”

Things I did not expect to make me emotional this week: the series finale of Adventure Time.

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Shooting a book cover up in Luss and readily took up the offer a stay Chez Abi and Craig! Also the weekend I discovered John was a stone-skipping savant.


They’re not kidding when they call it the Game of Thrones Live Concert Experience! From the show’s actual composer Ramin Djawadi rocking out on an electric guitar before hopping on the piano and exploding in a plume of wildfire; to a violinist suspended 30 feet in the air while a cascade of red weirwood leaves fall from the ceiling above her; to snow and fire raining down on the stage and audience alongside the visuals of dragons and white walkers, it was – without a doubt – one of the most immersive musical spectacles I’ve seen in years.

(And – making me grateful that the European leg of the tour started so late in the run of the TV show – they played my all-time favourite Game of Thrones track, ‘Light of the Seven’!)