Breath of fresh Airbnb,

Category is: Mondrian realness.

“I love to talk about all my friends! I love my friends. You will too. This is Gilbert. He is my friend.”

The weirdest advert for the weirdest Instagram.

Henrik Vibskov Boutique

Lunch at the incredible Café Norden.

Throne of Gays

Rosenborg Castle.

Copenhagen Botanical Gardens.

The Palm House, built in 1874, and inspired by the Crystal Palace (of Great Exhibition in London fame, vs She-Ra).

Faces in Places.

Well it wiz fuckin’ one o’ yas! DISGUSTAN’!

A short train ride to Humlebaek brought us to the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art — the most visited art museum in Denmark.

The museum’s title derives from the first owner of the property, Alexander Brun, who named the villa after his three wives…all called Louise. That must have really simplified the re-gifting process.

Lauren Greenfield’s ‘Generation Wealth’ exhibition: which casts “an eye-opening glance on 25 years of consumer culture which in the view of the artist has changed the values of the middle class to raw materialism, celebrity culture and undisguised narcissism.”

The sculpture gardens.

My favourite room in the entire museum, with sculpture works from Alberto Giacometti.

The Marsden Hartley exhibition.

The Vag-in Mary.

“I could’ve sworn he was wearing less in the poster-“

“-oh no, there he is.”



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