*clickbait fully intended

While travelling the Scottish wilderness, Lindsay sent me a photo of a standard-issue bovine and asked if she’d found a Highland Cow (in her defence, it was orange); so, upon her and Julien’s return, we paid a visit to Pollok Country Park to see the real thing.

Later that week: showing my gorgeous almost-birthday twin Jez & hubby Matt the sights! Continuing the theme of all our post-Japan reunions falling upon significant milestones, we’ve now met (accidentally!) on my 30th when we both happened to be celebrating in New York, in Puerto Rico for Jez’s wedding, and now in Scotland for mine. 🎉

In the meantime, Anu and Paul had introduced me to their love of escape rooms, and – being a combination of all my favourite things (competitiveness, over-controlling and winning) – I don’t think I’ve ever felt more alive?

In honour of cultural fusion: some sushi burritos at Temaki.

Genuine Scotian bovine.

Shire in the hole.

Anu informed us that in Finnish, painted ladies are called ohdakeperhonen: the Thistle Butterfly! Truly, the most Scottish lepidopteron.

Their Latin name is also vanessa cardui, and in The Little Mermaid, Ursula uses a butterfly – a symbol of transformation – in the spell to transform herself into ‘Vanessa’; thus proving that I can turn literally any conversation into a Little Mermaid fact.

Maze goblins.

My favourite form of art appreciation.

Familiarising Jez with our national animal…the unicorn.

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