Reader, I married him

Posted: October 22, 2019 in Photography, weddings
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Suit: Dsquared²
Ear cuff: Goldeo Jewellery
Photos: The Kitcheners
Husband: John 🖤

Traditionally couples wouldn’t see one another on the morning of the wedding, but that proves a little harder when one of you requires the other to do all of their styling! Here’s John getting me ready at our gorgeous venue, The Lodge on Loch Goil. The only thing we could agree on when looking for wedding venues was that we hated everything we saw…until the day we visited the Lodge and booked on the spot.

There are great loves in life as well as in romance, and sometimes the only solution is to have a best man (my lifelong friend Colin) AND a breast man (the incomparable Lindsay). Some quiet moments at the summer-house (where I’d slept the night before) with two of my favourite people in the world.

As our guests got seated for the ceremony, John and I had our first look out on the banks of the loch. This was the first time we’d seen each other in our full wedding outfits and, coupled with the emotions of the day, John was threatening to lose it…right until my earcuff got caught in his crown, the tension broke, and we were ready to go get married!

Our ceremony was such a beautiful tapestry of friends and family: from my best man Colin and John’s sister Molly performing Moon River as we walked down the aisle, to the readings by Stephanie and Victoria, and – of course – our ring bear himself, Mr Giles! We also received a number of compliments on the script itself which I took as high praise indeed because (as you might be aware if you follow my Instagram) I rewrote the entire thing from scratch a week before the wedding!

Throughout all the turmoil of wedding planning, there were two certainties in my mind: that John was the man I wanted to marry, and The Kitcheners were the people I wanted to shoot it. It was a surprise even to me, then, that the images we got back from that day exceeded even my expectations. More than just a record of the events, I don’t just see the day in these images – I can feel it again in every frame.

Even if John hadn’t pulled out my kryptonite during his speech (quoting both Romy & Michelle and a Willow and Tara line from Buffy), I’m pretty sure I would still have been a mess after Molly’s rendition of Wild Horses set me off and Lindsay & Colin’s declarations of love and friendship did me in. Thankfully I wasn’t alone since there were very few dry eyes in the room after we’d all finished!

For the traditional and rather less traditional portion of the evening, we owe thanks to two immensely talented women in our lives: my dear friend Kim, who lent her top baking skills to our wedding cake (post-cutting, I just stood up there eating it with a fork because it was so amazing); and our incredible tattoo artist Gillian Turner, who made sure the day truly WAS unforgettable thanks to the beautiful and very permanent reminders we now get to wear forever!

And finally, from first dance to last – the perfect end to what I can honestly say was one of the happiest days of my life.

I’ve shared the entire wedding from our perspective but it would be remiss of me not to say the biggest thank you to all of our friends and family who made the day what it was. A wedding is a celebration of the love of two people, but we truly felt it back from every single person who attended (be it from Scotland, England, Canada, New York, Georgia, Seattle, Finland or Tasmania!) and from so many more – before, during and after – who helped recognise and celebrate this momentous day in our lives. We’re lucky to have found one another, but luckier still to have the amazing people in our lives who let our wedding serve as proof that for all the differences between us, and all the forces that try to divide us, they will never exceed the power of love to unite us.

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