We take this same photo every year but honestly, I think we’ve peaked in 2019 and might have to retire the whole concept.

Yes, these quite visibly belong in the spring album but I fell behind on non-work photos. 🤷🏻‍♂️

The Darling Pups of May.


Eurovision Sweepstakes Party! 🇪🇺

I drew Sweden and the UK so had pretty much the best and worst chances of winning. (True to form, we came dead last and it wasn’t until the very final points were awarded that Sweden lost to The Netherlands.)

Johnny Darko

…aka the time John was given eye drops that turned him full Dark Willow.

John putting that “hair of the dog” theory to the test.

All My Children (1970-2011)

Celebrating the launch of Iolla’s new branch in the city centre.

The Strawberry Moon 🍓

That time Wilf starred in an ’80s exercise video.

With no follow-up photo, let’s call this evidence of Alf’s nurturing side and not a precursor to him biting Wilf in the neck.

When the set-up photo is better than the final product.

The tradition continues.

Reunited with Poppy!

We had the (self-professed) genius idea of making alcoholic vanilla coke float with Galliano liqueur and they were just 👌🏻.

It’s a law of physics. Any time there’s this much gay energy in one room, Cher manifests.

In the words of Marc Jacobs: “I don’t think there is ever a wrong time for polka dots.”

J-Chops’ first birthday.

E.T. phone home.

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