Hunstman, Savile Row: the real-life basis for…

…the Kingsman movies! (Which are, themselves, based on the Marvel comic The Secret Service.)

Manners. Maketh. Man.

It only took until 7 week before the wedding but I finally had my suit! Which, somewhat comically, came about after 3 wildly unsuccessful hours spent on Savile Row and me melodramatically exclaiming “Somewhere in this city is my perfect suit and I just haven’t found it”…then immediately spotting the ad outside the store where I bought it.

Blixen: a converted bank located on the edge of Old Spitalfields Market.

While I’m maintaining some semblance of mystery when it comes to my suit, I think it will come as a surprise to precisely no one that John is going to be clad head to toe in his style icon, Victoria Beckham.

While John was shopping, Philip and I spiced up our live(r)s with 2 bottles of free champagne.

The rooftop pool at The Curtain in Shoreditch.

What do this photo and my previous phone have in common? We both finished that week completely submerged in water. 💦

(Not, I hasten to add, on this particular day. My phone’s suicide attempt happened rather more ignominiously in a bathroom sink.)

Remember that episode of The Simpsons where Marge infiltrates high society after buying one Chanel suit at an outlet mall and has to keep altering it to pretend she’s wearing a different outfit every time? What I’m saying is that I’m wearing my Versace trunks inside-out so you can see the lining.

Lunch at the Rose Bakery, Dover Street Market.

Sadly we had to make a hasty exit to catch our train…which is ironic since it ended up being 50 minutes delayed and took an hour longer than expected because of a diversion at Manchester. But at least we got this beautiful sunset en route.

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