Family vacay with Giles, back to where his parents met!


He brought along his second-favourite toy, Suzie Hotlips. (Yes, that is the actual name that she came with.)

Cocktails at the (dog-friendly!) Criterion.

Butternut squash, goats’ cheese & spinach. These Cri’ Pies really do deserve their reputation.

Catching up on Game of Thrones, back when we still had hope that the final season wouldn’t end up an actual garbage fire.

I don’t get back to St Andrews half as often as I’d like, but now, thanks to Gillian, I can carry it with me. (Full tattoo info here!)

(I actually tried to get these pictures when I visited back in March but it was so sodden and miserable that the final images were just wildly depressing. 😂)

Family Portrait. 🐻

We were trying to remember if Giles had ever been on a real beach before because he went nuts as soon as his paws touched the sand.

In the singular instance of worst timing ever, my mum phoned right as we were approaching the ice cream shop and mid-conversation, a school group of about 40 kids got in line in front of us.

Something looks different about our former residence but I just can’t put my finger on it…

To be fair, this isn’t a marked difference to how Albany Park looked before it was marked for demolition.

Captain Bears-eye.

Lived here 4 years and never once noticed this sign.

So it may have changed management in the last 1.5 decades, but this restaurant where we had our 16th anniversary…

…was also the place where we had our very first.

Perfect anniversary, barring the altercation I had with the rudest old man:

Him [after ramming the door into John’s chair]: Could ye move?
Me: The word is “please”.
Him [bursting back in expecting me to be caught of off guard]: Whit?!
Me: “Could you move please” would be more polite.
Him [sarcastically]: Oh, thank you!

And later:

Him [muttering as he’s leaving and halfway out the door]: …arse…
John: One of these days you’re going to get stabbed.

I’d consider it a personal favour if someone could set up this lighting around me at all times.

I would say my family came through to St Andrews to see us, but I know who was the main draw.

Nostalgia Fest 2019 continues! New Hall, aka…

…the exact spot where we first met. 🖤

It turns out Giles doesn’t like crossing wooden bridges.

He’s absolutely fine walking on sand, however, so this is just pandering.

Vegetarian gumbo at The Vic.

Three days of beach walks and hiking was definitely Giles’ limit.

Goodbye, Porpoise Spit.

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