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Family vacay with Giles, back to where his parents met!


Me trying these on in IOLLA:
“Do these glasses make me look like Jeffrey Dahmer?”

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The train tracks have left the station! 🚂 My braces just came off after 2 years (6 months longer than anticipated) and let me tell you, it is a *novelty* not to have a 3-course meal stuck in my teeth at any given moment.

The first picture I took after my braces came off…

…and some “before and after”s to show quite how dramatic the difference is. Still some restorative work to be done but a massive thank you to Glasgow Southside Orthodontics for the (already pretty major) transformation!

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I recently had the pleasure of shooting promo images for the hilarious Susan Riddell’s upcoming show, “Duvet Day”. Already an established comedy writer and performer for the BBC Writers’ Room, Susan will be performing Duvet Day at the Edinburgh Fringe this summer, championing the virtues of laziness in an increasingly manic world. Tickets are on sale now!

You can follow Susan on Twitter to find more of her upcoming work (including an upcoming comedy series alongside fellow comedian Rachel Jackson!).

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“But dearer far the little town,
The drifting surge, the wintry year,
The college of the scarlet gown.
St Andrews by the Northern Sea”

I don’t get back to St Andrews half as often as I’d like, but now I can carry it with me. Tattoo by the always incredible Gillian Turner Ink, who recently opened her very own studio alongside the phenomenally talented team at Aughra’s Eye.