Spring has sprung. 🌸

Entertaining the possibility that Alf is a White Walker.

Impromptu piano recital.

Steven shared one of his beautiful compositions with us, and it’s safe to say his drunk piano playing far outweighs my drunk videography. 🎹

When the mist descends over Glasgow and everyhing goes full Silent Hill.

Wilf has invoked squatter’s rights and claimed Giles’ dog bed for his own.

Giles is surprisingly content for Alf to use him as a footstool.

Alf working on his tan. ☀️

Listens to The Lion King soundtrack once.
“NAAAAAAAAAAANTS ingonyaaaaaaaama bagithi baba!”

New bedding got the pets’ seal of approval. Maybe we’ll get to try it one day.

Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019)

…aka I bought an entire goldfish bowl for one photoshoot and wanted to get at least one more use out of it before I returned it. 🔮

Blep Up 2: The Streets 👅

Pro-tip: these Faux Malone candles from Aldi smell identical to the real thing at a tenth of the cost.


Downward facing cat.

The most amazing Lego chez Varley​. “But ya aaaaahhhhh, Blanche! Ya ahhh in that chair!”

Heed these three warnings: Don’t ever get him wet. Keep him away from bright light. And the most important thing…never, never feed him after midnight.

Minerva has yet to master the subtleties of hide & seek.


I don’t think anyone is happier about the new tumble dryer than Alf.

This blanket sparks joy. #KonMinaMethod

💡 Lights…

🎥 Camera…

💤 Nap-time.

You can’t see it but there’s a Chow Chow convention happening right behind me and my heart is exploding. 🐻💥

Turned the house upside down searching for a missing remote, but at least the cats enjoyed themselves.

This isn’t an optical illusion – John​’s legs are just that size.

Had to make sure Giles was looking his best before setting off on a family vacay! 🛁

Wilf is a clean-laundry-seeking-missile. 🧺

I was truly running the gamut on cinema trips that day. 🍿

We had a good run but – after 6 years – Minerva has finally learned to climb the kitchen cabinets by herself and all bets are off.

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