Autumn Collection ’18

On-the-clock selfie. (Groom #1 was getting his hair cut.)

Wedding time at the Trades Hall. (Not ours, though I can’t believe it will be before the year is out!)

A photographer, a wedding guest and the mother of the groom walk into a photobooth. Stop me if you’ve heard this one.

(Keep an eye out for the full wedding story over on the newly-launched blog over on my website!)

Coffee with Mr Varley​.

Faces in Places: The Saddest Wall

Our neighbour’s cat, Tallulah: Queen of the Jump Scare. (I’ve lost count of the number of times she’s run screaming out of the bin shed at me.)

Of course Wilfred has no bad angles, but I especially love him in mid-profile because you can see how simultaneously flat and round his face is. 🧡

Minerva looking genuinely horrified that I’ve caught her in such an unladylike moment. 🙀

As an apology, here’s a very elegant leg extension.

Just 5 more minutes.

The shortest game of hide and seek. 🔎🐯

Fresh Autumnal bear-cut courtesy of Poochinis.


Guess which one of these innocent faces smashed that phone in the bottom-right last month? 🙃

When working from home, Giles likes to remind me of my priorities.

Accurate depiction of how John spends 90% of his holidays.

Wildcat swirl.

They have three whole litter trays to choose from…and yet here we are.

Chasing birds! A reminder that Alf is, in fact, a cat and not an animated marshmallow.

Autumnal Adventurer. 🍂

Wilfred stepped into some Morticia lighting. 💡

Halloween 2018: Lars Croft – Tomb Raider.

Not entirely sure where he’s finding them but Giles is bringing home a new Jenga block on every walk. Expect we’ll have a full set by the end of month.

So I got this device to hold sheet masks in place because they never fit my head and now I look like a serial killer who skins people and wears their faces?

Am I a #beautyblogger yet?

Happy Bear-thday to Mr Giles! 2 already. 🐻🎂

Giles was so terrified of the fireworks this year that he hid in the bathroom all night and wouldn’t come out…so Minerva sat with him the whole time. 💖😭

John’s favourite stuffed toy when he was growing up was this Alf teddy and – fittingly enough – it’s now Giles’ absolute favourite as well. #heirlooms

He takes it everywhere. 🖤🧡

Abi and Craig’s engagement party! 10/10 cake, would eat again.

Finally got round to trying Satu Satu – the Malaysian/Chinese place I pass all the time on my way to the gym. Food was just as delicious as it smells from the outside.

…followed by our own private screening of Breakfast at Tiffany’s (with an enormous thank you to Nick​!)

Owing to the fact that he spends all his time outdoors devouring the foliage, we signed Alf up for a subscription with My Cat Grass​ and I think it’s safe to say he’s a fan. 😻🌿

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