Finally caught up with work photos for the year so time to catch up on literally everything else!

What’s black and white and mad all over?

Alternate caption: crouching tiger, sleeping ragdoll.

You’ve got mail. ✉️


Coaster or chin rest?

Giles hanging out with his cousin Ellie during that inexplicable, glorious summer we had.

Shorts! In Scotland! The audacity.


Conclusive proof – as if it were needed – that Giles has a favourite parent. Look at that unadulterated bliss.

Neighbourhood Watch. 👀

A surprising amount of nosiness for a cat with no nose.

E.T. phone home.

All our boys. (Giles is that furry patch northeast of Wilfred.)

How much is that tigress in the window?

Giles the Cat-Dog strikes again. He basically does whatever he sees his feline siblings doing.

A few more snaps from our trip to the idyllic Middleton Lodge.



My mum picked up an old Nikon zoom lens dirt cheap at an auction, on the off chance that it might be any use to me. It just needed a simple fix on the aperture blades and now works like a dream!

Alf finding that one patch of sun.

Blep Up 2: The Streets

John back in the studio with Gillian Turner Ink! Note also that little guy peeking out from under her sleeve.

‘Ello! (I say, masking my seething envy with admiration.)

I recently learned that Carrie Fisher’s dog, Gary (yes: his name is Gary Fisher) had a cameo appearance in The Last Jedi.

He’s in the casino on Canto Bight!

The finished result on (appropriately enough) our trip to Amsterdam the following month.

More of our Holland Holiday here!

Side note: Miguel Angel Silvestre (aka the actual Lito from Sense8) liking my Lito impression pretty much made my summer.

We’d completely forgotten about Giles’ orange and white chest patch which was covered in a solid layer of Wookiee until his haircut this summer.

The groomers give him a different bow every time he visits and you can tell these pictures are being uploaded wildly after the fact because his current one has a Santa on it.

Pet panorama.

Wilf fell asleep hugging Alf’s tail again. 😭

Literal and figurative puppy-dog eyes.

Minerva, this is not appropriate daddy-daughter bonding time.

I don’t know if Giles is bringing home sticks or taking up tightrope walking.

We bought a cat mint plant (aka catnip) to see if it would have any effect. Hit or myth? See for yourself. 😹🌿

(They were camped out by it for the next month.)

Semper Tattoo in Edinburgh doesn’t so much have a view as the view.

You’re a fraud, Helen; you’re a walking lie and I can see right…through you!

I actually got a second tattoo within 24 hours of this one, but since I haven’t been back to St Andrews this year, I haven’t had the chance to take the photo of it that I’m planning to. (It is, however, probably visible in fully half the pictures of me taken since May.)

Don’t be fooled by that angelic glow.

Well, I guess that’s my gym visit cancelled.


Yin & Yang. Slightly more yang. ☯️

Souvenir photo from Caroline and Manpreet’s meet & greet with Wilfred

The last ever photo with John’s braces! Fun fact: despite getting his a year later than me, John had his braces on for less time than I still have remaining.

Strangest coincidence: we’re putting Classic FM on for Giles before we leave for Jurassic Park in Concert and what should be the first song that comes on the radio?! 🦖

Huge thank you to James & Kim for the tickets! Jurassic Park on the big screen still fills me with the same wonder it did seeing it for the first time 25 years ago, and the orchestral accompaniment was incredible.

…clever girl.

Cheekbones brighter than your future.

Though you’re no Mona Lisa
For worlds I’d not replace
Your sunny…Funny Face.

The cutest Player 2 you ever did see. 🎮

Now imagine trying to sleep in it.

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