…is what I’d usually write, except that Scotland has evidently been saving all its summer days for the last 5 years and we’re now getting them all at once!

Kicking things off: BBQ @ VMG’s! Facial expressions owing to the dawning realisation that Victoria​’s dad was about to walk right into the frame.

Ralph! 🖤

Spaniels Assemble!

Cool for the Summer. 🕶

Next up: the annual summer barbecue! (We’ve decided to make this exact photo an annual tradition, and while sadly we can’t make it stretch 15 years into the past, I’m fairly confident you’ll be seeing it for twice that length in the future.)

Thanks, Rusty.

Photobombing intensifies.

Poppy the Puppy!

A subtle pattern emerging re: Rusty not being the exact main focus at all times.

Hosing the bear down to keep him cool. (We’ve sinced opted just to de-Wookiee him!)

Would 100% change my policy on baby photos if people’s kids were dogs.

Closest we got to having the dogs line up in a row…by which I mean we couldn’t even get all four of them in the picture.

Pokémon Nanoblocks!

Amazing not only because Colin brought them back all the way from Japan for us to build, but also because these were the exact starter Pokémon the two of us picked in 1997.

I mean what else would you wear?

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