A half-yearly round-up of everything that didn’t fit in its own entry (aka 100 photos of the pets).

All around me are fur-miliar faces.

Laying in wait, ready to spring her trap…

Do Not Disturb.


Gatecrashing John’s work Christmas party.

Apparently I was providing insufficient attention during Colin’s visit so Giles inserted himself into the proceedings.

Receiving slightly more love than I’d bargained for from my brother’s dog Molly.

RUSTY learned HOWL. It’s super effective!

Lap cat.

No walk is complete until Giles has found a stick to bring home.

Full disclosure: for every picture I have of Minerva cooperating, there are about 10 others where she’s making this face.

Giles and his politely folded Wookiee paws. 

Alf guarding the food bowl. YOU SHALL NOT PASS! 慄‍♂

Big cats keep on turning’

Proud Mina keep on burnin’

rollin’, rollin’, rollin’ in the kitchen!

Wilf accidentally stepped into some dramatic underlighting. 

That face when you step into strong lighting and immediately have to sneeze.

Stick hunter in the wild.

Giles entertaining guests back when he still used his crate.


Me: Why does my phone keep dying?
Also me: *leaves stopwatch running for a literal week*

80% chance he’s watching the German weather woman.

For fur that shines with all its strength.

Easy, breezy, beautiful. CoverDoll.

A belated but no less happy International Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Day! (29th of May if you’re looking to celebrate next year.)


When the Beast from the East struck and the snow was about as deep as Giles is tall. (The same weekend John got trapped in the hospital and had to sleep on his office floor.)

Also – The Continuing Adventures of the Most Contrary Ragdoll:

Alf: [screaming at the door to get out]
Me: You know what, Alf, if you really want to go out into that, be my guest. We’ll see how quickly you change your mind once you’re outside.
Alf: Fuck you, ice runs through my veins, I love every second of this.

Alf prints.


Putting the “ear” in cavalier. Also!

Who Wore It Better Round 1: Giles or the Dilophosaurus from Jurassic Park?

Who Wore It Better Round 2: Giles or Kowl from She-Ra?

True love is when you can’t decide between your love of lemon drizzle or fondant icing for your birthday cake and he gets you both. (Yes, I already started eating one of them before I took the photo.)

Sneak peek at the most beautiful wedding venue hidden in the heart of Edinburgh Zoo. (Photos coming soon!)

Special thank to Hailey for kindly taking this picture for me on her own wedding day when I was supposed to be the photographer.

“I can’t even look at you right now.” Some sibling rivalry going on.

Wilf is either auditioning for the circus or a Wes Anderson movie.

A sleek new Grace Coddington bob courtesy of Poochini’s. ✂✨ Fun fact: Giles gets more haircuts in a year than I do. ALSO!

Who Wore It Better Round 3: Giles or literal Grace Coddington?


A slightly disproportionate emergency services response to one person falling on the subway tracks. I was convinced it had to be at least a bomb scare.

Playing two very different games that Easter weekend. 😬🕵

Yes, Giles’ favourite toy is a plubber stick.

Thanks, I bought it at Versayce. In the Forum?

In the words of the cave from Aladdin: “WHO DISTURBS MY SLUMBER?!”

Giles doing his best impression of a sausage dog. 

Wilf does this so often that I forget cats don’t actually sit like this on couches?

Safe to say that Alf has worked out the automatic cat feeder now he’s camping out in front of it.

Na-na na na na-na na na, BATH-MAT! 

This day-bed ain’t big enough for the two of us. Literally in Alf’s case.

Helping, as ever, with the laundry.

Eurovision party at Jonathan and James’!

Bubbles and bubble butts.

The advent of our first real summer in (literal) years! Minerva is as shocked as we are.


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