Room with a view at the beautiful Gleneagles Hotel (the “Behind-the-Scenes-of-the-Wedding” Edition).


“Your folks must be really proud, huh?”
Living our Pretty Woman fantasy (minus the croissant that turns into a pancake).

Also, still eternally bitter that I didn’t realise the breakfast menu was all-inclusive vs pay-per-item.

No good morning starts without one.

Clay pigeon shooting on the morning of James’ wedding. No pigeons were harmed in the making of this photo.

Safety first.

Assuming I’m laughing at my own joke (and there’s a good chance that’s the case), this is possibly the most representative photo of our entire relationship.

With the happy couple. And, if you’ll indulge some shameless self-promotion: official photos right here on my newly-launched official website blog!

Adding to John’s repertoire of doctor/model/hairdresser/make-up artist: photographer’s assistant!

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