Shooting a book cover up in Luss and readily took up the offer a stay Chez Abi and Craig! Also the weekend I discovered John was a stone-skipping savant.


Being that all of his siblings are of the feline persuasion, Giles is always eager to make friends with every cat he meets.

Alas, it’s rarely reciprocated.

Dino Pie! 🦕 (Fully herbivorous.)

Surveying his domain.

Windswept and interesting.

When the only drinking vessel you have to hand for your dog’s water is the gin glass you’ve been photographing for the last hour.

Truly, the fanciest bear.

Rhubarb ice-cream at the Coach House in the village of Luss.

A cooling dip in the lake. (Also his first voluntary dip in a body of water.)

The Beariest Fairy. 🐻

This lamb actually walked all the way up to the fence to see Giles!


That this bottle of after-sun went out of date before we had cause to open it is possibly the most Scottish thing to have ever happened. (Our current heatwave notwithstanding.)


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