I spent this past weekend in Edinburgh with my mum – the first time I’d seen her this year!

Behind-the-scenes of John’s Instagram.

The newly-renovated, almost-completed Ross Fountain has made its way back to Princes Street Gardens.

Can’t beat that view.

I’m the Slayer. …Slay-er? Chosen One. She-who-hangs-out-a-lot-in-cemeteries? You’re kidding? Ask around. Look it up: “Slayer, comma The.”

Just me, my army husband, and Wojtek the Bear who was officially drafted into the Polish Army to get him onto a British transport ship after he was rescued in Iran. (He was eventually promoted to corporal before retiring in Edinburgh Zoo.)

Is it weird that I think this statue is hot?

Birthplace of Harry Potter.

Greyfriars Bobby (and a tribute to the fact that my grandparents used to take this exact photo with my mum and her sisters whenever they came through to Edinburgh).

Curving, cobbled Victoria Street – situated just around the corner from the cafe where JK Rowling started writing the Harry Potter books, was the main inspiration for the Wizarding World’s “Diagon Alley”.

Also on our tour of newly-famous landmarks in Old Town: this unassuming Miss Katie Cupcake shop on Cockburn Street which featured in the most recent Marvel movie, Avengers: Infinity War!

(…albeit transformed into a kebab shop for the role.)

“We will deep fry your kebab” is, by the way, the most Scottish thing ever to make its way onto film.

Apologies to Miss Katie for the amount of time I spent photographing her premises without actually purchasing a cupcake. (Edit: Or jewellery, as a friend on Facebook has just informed me.)

Our tourist-ing complete, it was onward to the evening’s main event…

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