A reunion 15 years in the making! You can take the girls out of Texas, but you can’t stop Monica from trying to smuggle a jar of Nutella through international customs. 🚨

John, Hailey and I met Monica (middle) in our first year of university while she was doing her JYA (junior year abroad) in St Andrews. I’d consider it a personal courtesy if you didn’t try to work out my age based on that fact. As per St Andrews tradition, Monica was our academic mother; adopting us as her academic children to gently guide us through the tribulations of higher education.

What this amounted to in reality was countless evenings spent pre-drinking in the New Hall foyer and never actually making it out of the front door, while Monica offered us a single British pound to perform increasing feats of liver damage. (Which, adjusting for inflation and the value of the pount post-Brexit, is – in fairness – around £1.20 in today’s market.)

Having never visited this part of the Kelvingrove Museum, I’d actually never seen this Dark Crystal nonsense in the back.

For the second time running, an unseasonal bout of sunshine gave our international guests a complete misconception of Scottish weather.


Mon: Don’t take a picture of me.
Me: I’m not, I’m taking a picture of your phone. 🙃

Naturally, no visit would be complete without introducing our Texan guests to Scotland’s national animal…the unicorn. 🦄

Not pictured: arriving home at 4am the next day after a night of clubbing in which Monica met the Goblin King and abducted a twink she dubbed “Baby John”. Truly, some things never change.

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