O, wind, if winter comes
can spring be far behind?

Commemorating Minerva and her half-brother: our much loved, still missed Mr Pip.

Tattoos, as ever, by the superlative Gillian Turner Ink.

See the “making of” all our most recent body art below!

The humble beginnings of John’s Sleeping Beauty trees…

…inspired by the beautiful background art of Eyvind Earle (and perfect companion piece to his Maleficent tattoo!)

Gillian in action. Any similarities to Maleficent’s pet raven wholly coincidental.

This was, by the way, the same day I started my Romy & Michele tattoo! You can just about see the silent scream behind my eyes.

My inner monologue throughout.

Let’s fold scarves! Not pictured:

…Michele’s terrifying, skull-like visage as the stencil began to run. 💀

The following day, I woke up with a Turin shroud of Mira Sorvino imprinted on my t-shirt.

…thankfully she saw the funny side of it. (Those 2 likes are from Mira and her husband).

Finishing touches some 3 months later. Gillian is a woman in demand!

The insanely detailed finished result.

Romy & Michele’s ribcage reunion! During the interim period, I just told myself that Michele was asleep in the car outside.

Slight surprise when I posted this one to instagram.

The Mira seal of approval went a long way towards mollifying the erstwhile torture of the tattooing process but all the same…

Business idea: therapy dogs for tattoo parlours.

The actual best-behaved dog.

Stained-glass Rennie Mackintosh piece in progress. Gillian even managed to capture the imperfections in the lead.

After being relocated to a chair, he just sat like this the entire time. 🖤

Um, rude?

A fittingly beautiful tribute.

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