What goes up… (See all the photos from Part 1 here.)

In the last post, we’d just reached the stone marker signalling our ascent to the summit of the Storr! Whiiich just left the remaining 4.5km of descent.

Polar bear! 🐻❄️

Giles had been fine on the way up but the temperature started to get to him at the very top and we broke out the puppy backpack bought for just such an occasion.

We’d seen some spectacular sights on the way up but the descent was no slouch either.

Descending via a particularly steep section of waterfall.

Craig waiting for the rest of us to catch up.

Giles barely wants to go down the stairs outside our house so this was – no pun intended – a bit of a tall order.

Back on terra firma!

There is…another……Skye-walker.

A scenic drive back to civilisation.

Drinks at the (dog-friendly) Tongadale!

Also featuring the best wallpaper.


That night: our increasingly drunken and hilarious attempt to play Scrawl back at the house. It’s essentially Chinese whispers in drawing form…

…with just as much potential to go horrendously awry.

You draw what’s on your card, then the next person writes what they think you’ve drawn, then the next person draws what they’ve written…

…until this happens.

Lady Catherine wondering where it all went wrong.

The bottom one was, of course, “butter fingers”. (Note also: I won!)

Final morning – and the discovery that the howling, arctic gale coming in through our bedroom window was because it had been open the entire weekend. Let that be a lesson to me: never take John’s word for it.

With a less-than-stellar weather forecast on the Sunday, we opted to forego any major sightseeing in favour of a trip to the beach.

John went to all the effort of carrying Giles over a stream…only for him to fall directly into a muddy pit not ten seconds later.

Bear prints! 🐾😍

About to drop the hottest mixtape of the year.

Abi about to collect her Miss Skye 2017 sash.

This was right about the time it started pelting hailstones the size of golf balls and we decided it might be time to head home.

A brief stop at beautiful Eilean Donan Castle on the way back.

Come on, Eilean. 🎶

Glencoe: recently voted Scotland’s “most romantic glen”. I don’t know what the judging criteria was but it was suitably gorgeous.

At the Clachaig Inn, I had a throughly adult lunch of apple & blackberry crumble and a hot chocolate. (I don’t know if it makes it better or worse that the hot chocolate was alcoholic.)

Giant keyhole-shaped cave in the mountaintops. That is some Lord of the Rings-level nonsense.

Let the sky faaaaaalll, when it crumbllleeeeeessss! (But actually: rounding out our unwitting tour of movie locations, this is the site of James Bond’s ancestral home in Skyfall.)

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