Took a slight detour on my way back from King’s Cross Station. 🐍⚡🚂 #SlytherinPride

John was resentful about not being sorted into Ravenclaw, but we all know he’s a Hermione.

Minor disagreement on the way to Hogwarts.

On our last day, I suggested we take John on his first trip to Camden Market, where his joy was inversely proportional to that of his bank account.

The joke that keeps on giving.

You’d never know by how perfectly it matches his outfit, but he’d actually picked up that scarf 5 minutes before I took this picture.

My scarf, on the other hand, is the Marauder’s Map from Harry Potter – also picked up that very morning. 🗺


Sweet potato pie in a chickpea crust. Pies are in my top 2 food categories of all time.

Spotted the camera and I couldn’t resist. (Any other Life is Strange fans…? 🦋🌀)

And, somewhat fittingly, the journey home.


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