Pupdates and precious meowments.

となりのミネルバ – My Neighbour Minerva

Cheekbones for days.

Be honest: at first glance, did you know which way his head was facing?

Gang’s all here!

Mina demonstrating her ladylike poise and grace.

Surveying her domain from atop the new cat tree!

Wilf wasn’t expecting visitors in his treetop hammock.

I’ve had it with these motherpuppin’ dogs on this motherpuppin’ train! 🚂

En route to Troon to visit VMG.

The prosecco started flowing on arrival so I may have forgotten to take any photos of the actual visit…

The Terror of Totoro

Persian Upside-Down Cake 🍍

Alf and Wilf sitting next to the empty food bowl. It’s almost like they’re trying to tell me something…

Giles is becoming quite the experienced traveller.

The latest canine addition to my mum’s street: Olly the Cocker Spaniel!

Olly and Bailey fighting over a ball which rightly belongs to Giles.

Minerva has made fast friends with her new brother and vice versa. She’s the first thing he seeks out when he comes back in from walks!

She provided him with extra TLC when he went in for the snip! ✂️

Small comfort in the face of The Cone of Shame.

Every new item of furniture that enters the house has to earn the Mina seal of approval.

Case in point.



Mina checking in on her brother after his 3am emergency vet visit…

…the same day I had to get up at 8am to take Alf to the animal hospital. That was a fun month for vet bills. (Four figures later, we’ve never been so grateful to have pet insurance.)

Guilt-tripping us right before we left for St Andrews.

Wilf in the spotlight. 💡

Giles and one of his favourite neighbours, Lady Fudge.

If you were to look up “unamused” in the dictionary, this would be the picture next to it. 😹

He’s so deceptively tiny!

This coat – designed for dogs – was too small for Alf. Needless to say it didn’t stay on for long.


“FAME! I’m gonna live forever.” 🎤💡 Alf releasing his inner diva.

Perfecting his creepy Jawa routine.

My mum loves Wilf.

As you can see, it’s wholly mutual.

Alf is usually happy to tolerate his new brother…as long as Giles knows who’s boss.

I guess that’s my gym visit cancelled.

His souvenir from the vet finally starting to grow back in.


You can’t sit with us.

Me and my shadow.

>-< 💤

Wilf has achieved peak smoosh.

Aaaand back to his usual marshmallow self.

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