“So Colin, what was the first thing you did when you moved back to the UK? Oh. Ok.”

With Wilf’s uncle having returned from Japan, you better believe he’s now rocking the latest in Far Eastern feline fashions.

Ready for his first matsuri!

Minerva was moderately less happy about the impromptu fashion show.

Technically a gift for the cats but we soon discovered that it fitted Giles perfectly!

In a pinch, Colin also doubles as a body pillow.

And/or he was showing moral support as Colin and I attempted to get through the crap-fest that was Resident Evil Revelations 2.

Onwards to Dundee, and 進撃のラスティー!aka when you let Giles meet Rusty the Husky over a wall of crates and it’s basically Attack on Titan.

Basically the equivalent of sitting Wilfred next to an actual lion.

Giles’ face. 😂

If you didn’t attend a bbq at this house with a bouncy castle, did summer really happen?

I promise this is hilarious if you’re Dundonian.

Fast friends. 🐶💖🐺


Mum: Do you want to see the hedgehog?
Colin: You have a hedge-? No, of course you do.

Because Linda.

Hi again, Doris!

Doris has found moderate fame in her hometown, having toured all the classes at a local nursery school when they just so happened to be reading a book about a hedgehog and the girl my mum has adopted told her teacher she had one. The teacher initially took as a joke until speaking with my mum later in the day who was like, no, we actually do have a hedgehog.

Lauren is not so secretly Giles’ biggest fan now.

Also reunited! Giles was gone for the weekend but his best friend was ready to welcome him with open paws.

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