Having already plumped for the St Rule’s tickets, we decided to go all-out and visit both of the town’s primary tourist which we somehow never got round to visiting in the literal years we lived there…and the decade-plus since.

So this is what the other side looks like!


John being his usual, infuriatingly photogenic self.

The view down to Castle Sands.

Our Gay-cation in full swing. 👬👬🌈🏰


In the 15th century, the castle also served as a notorious prison: housing a “bottle dungeon” in the form of a dank and airless pit cut out of solid rock below the north-west tower. It housed local miscreants who fell under the Bishop’s jurisdiction as well as several more prominent individuals such as the Archbishop Patrick Graham, who was judged to be insane and imprisoned in his own castle in 1478.

Javi looking very casual and unaware of the camera.


Some Alice in Wonderland mushrooms growing on the nearby trees.

Prior to this visit, I had no idea that Sandor Clegane featured so prominently in our country’s past.

Two very different reactions to the sight of a hanged and tortured mannequin.

Whenever I’m travelling, Wilfred is always in my heart. Also, this day: on my t-shirt, and the walls of the visitors centre.

Conquered at last!

Leopard-print barnacles.

I was sad to see that my favourite Thai restaurant, the Nahm-Jim, had closed…right up until I realised that it had been replaced by a Thai restaurant. Tulsi is a worthy successor (vegetarian korma!), though if I’d known that being seated upstairs would mean we’d be separated from the cutest waiter, I would never have agreed to it.

Breakfast at another of the town’s recent additions: the St Andrews Waffle Co. If it were within my power, I would be eating there at this very moment.

And don’t underestimate the important of body language, ha!

100% colour-matched this outfit for maximum Ursularity.

Michael and Javi discovering singularly the most enormous crab. Thematically, I named him Sebastian.

Our final morning – a quick view back to the Cathedral before waiting 15 minutes in line for Jannetta’s Gelateria. Worth every second.

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