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Steal her look: Ursula the Sea Witch. 🐙🐚💜🖤

(100% colour-matched this outfit for maximum Ursularity.)

Wishing a heartfelt おかえり (“welcome home”) to Colin & Kim! Like me, I’m sure they’ll have a whole mix of feelings about their 3-year Japanese adventure coming to an end, but – for purely selfish reasons – I’m delighted that I can once again recreate this picture with two of my favourite people in the world. And Colin was there, too.

New glasses from IOLLA – all frames with prescription lenses for £65! If you’re in Glasgow and optically challenged like myself, I couldn’t recommend them more highly. 👓

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Last month at the new (permanent!) residence of Ramen Dayo on Queen St. Between the four us, we’ve visited every incarnation along the way.

Note that John and I finally got our hands on the erstwhile sold-out melon soda, which (oddly, even more than the ramen) was a thoroughly 懐かしい taste of home-from-home! 🍈