Edinburgh International Film Festival and Royal Scottish National Orchestra present Raiders of the Lost Ark with live orchestral score!

Before that however: a trip to the National Museum of Scotland, where I 100% wore this necklace for the sole purpose of taking this photo.

The Grand Gallery of the National Museum of Scotland.

We must go faster.

The cast has been taken from one of the most complete T.rex specimens in the world, which is held in the Museum of the Rockies.

Mommy’s very angry.


Hey girl heeeeeey. (The best part about this is that I googled “gay teapot” and this guy is three of the top ten results.)

Somewhere between “Did I leave the oven on?” and “I hope that was a fart”.

This photo of the giant ant would make more sense if any of the smaller ones were actually visible.

Narwhals: unicorns of the sea. 🦄

Dinner at La Favorita, featuring vegetarian pizza pies.

The concert itself was held at the beautiful Usher Hall. Two fun facts: it was funded by Andrew Usher who was actually a whisky distiller and blender, and the Eurovision Song Contest was held here in 1972!

(T)hat’s commitment.

The concert itself was amazing; with the orchestra so perfectly reproducing John Williams’ score that I would occasionally get lost in the movie and forget that it wasn’t an audio track. If I had a sole complaint it would be that the sound-mixing was a little off with the vocal track which occasionally made the dialogue indecipherable when the orchestra swelled: less of an issue for John and family who know the film extremely well; somewhat more so for myself having only ever seen it once before. (If I had a secondary complaint, it would be that the 90% male audience meant that the queue for the bathroom during intermission extended all the way down the corridor and up the stairwell.) That said, we were primarily there to hear the music, and the live score was – without a doubt – gorgeous.

Next on our itinerary: Psycho right here in Glasgow, and Jaws at the Royal Albert Hall in London!

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