Giles went with me to Dundee to meet his doggy uncles.

First up: his Uncle Bailey!

One of them was very excited about this meeting.

You’ll never guess who.

Actual squad goals.

Giles loooooved Humphrey.

Spring has sprung. You can tell because we had that one day of sun.

So who else gets “SAVE THE BEES!” emails on a daily basis?

(But seriously: save the bees.)

Harry! 🖤 My favourite of all my mum’s menagerie.

(It’s ok to have a favourite pet when they’re not yours.)


Sir Pupperton.

We’ve had that lizard thing in our garden for pretty much as long as I can remember.

With the cats, I’m not usually at risk of “misplacing” a pet, but my mum and brother are both dog people so Giles required a bag-check before I left.

He just slept on my lap the whole train ride home like the actual Best Boy™


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