So we have a dog now. Meet Mr Giles! 🐶💗

A trip to Eyemouth in the Scottish Borders, to collect the latest addition to our furry family!

Time to announce my retirement. I will never take a better picture than this again.

She also bred Japanese Chins and John basically had to do a bag-check on the way out to make sure I hadn’t stolen one.

What we did return with was a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel! Which, if you’ve seen the ever-increasing collection of photos I have of them, is John’s all-time favourite breed of dog that he quite frequently makes us cross roads, etc. to go pet.

All puppered out from the train ride.

Giles was originally meant to be kept as a show-dog but after they realised he had a tiny overbite, he was sold on as a pet. He might be unfit for Crufts, but he’s perfect for us.

Since feline Alf was having none of Giles, it was up to stuffed Alf to keep him company.

His first bath!

This was more or less John’s face every time Giles did something in the first few days he was here.

Not that I wasn’t similarly enamoured.

On a related note: Wilf’s decision to become a lap-cat after 6 years has pretty much made my life.

The cats have, in the best way possible, been more or less indifferent to his presence, which is a step up from any new feline that’s ever come into the house and started cat-mageddon.

…though they did initially give him something of a wide berth and stayed next door.

…and remain ever-vigilant.

Having only ever ventured as far as a back garden before we got him, he was 800% not up for walking outdoors. He’s slowly coming round.

Welcome to the family!

  1. Too cute! 🙂

    We have a Shih Tzu and a miniature Dachshund.

    • Mark Liddell says:

      They sound adorable! (I actually love dachshunds. 🌭) Giles is getting into that lanky puppy stage at the moment and at least 2 people have asked if he’s a sausage dog, haha.

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