Wherein my family kept the Disney Store in business for another year.

That new Cinder Rose paint really brings out the orange in Wilf’s…everything.

Reunited with Gail and Lorna!

We’ve seen both of these ladies in the years since we all graduated, but realised last night that this is the first time all four of us have been in the same room in an actual decade. As these pictures illustrate, however, we’re perfectly capable of sitting for a photo together like serious adults.

Min looking affronted that I’ve interrupted her nap.

John and Amy: inexplicably sponsored by Charlotte Tilbury.

Christmas Tree 2016! 🎄

If you look very closely, you might detect a theme.

We got the spirit
You got to hear it
Unda the treeeee!

Back to Dundee, where I was reunited with this animated ball of fluff.

As it turns out, both my mum and brother were also having a very Disney Christmas.

Things are working out according to my ultimate desiiiign…

“If you’d really like to know, he went that way.”
“Who did?”
“The White Rabbit.”
“He did?!”
“He did what?”
“Went that way.”
“Who did?”
“The white rabbit!”

Christmas morning.

Humphrey, in the festive spirit.

Doris the Christmas Hedgehog. 🐾

Bailey was much more tolerant of his Christmas outfit than Humph was.

Mrs Potts is a fucking creep. (Worse still: this is an officially licensed product.)

Harry and Mico.

Do you ever get someone a Christmas present then immediately wish you’d bought it for yourself? 🌴

Back in Glasgow for Christmas #2 with John.

Thankfully, I did not. Huge thank you to everyone! 💝

Akin to the time he sated my hot dog craving with a veggie alternative, John had made meat-free cocktail sticks! We also had sushi: the most Christmassy of Christmas foods.

Alf and Min, seeing out the year in style.

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