Seasonal round-up, mostly featuring cat pictures.

A rare sighting of Alf deigning to let Wilf sit next to him.

Min fought the wasp and…the wasp won. Look at her poor, swollen chin! 🐝

“This looks it shouldn’t be here. Better nest on it just to be sure.” ~ every cat ever

Cats: available in sizes XL through S

Alf comforting Kim through a cannibal movie.

“Are you wearing the Ch-”
“The Chanel boots? Yeah, I am.”

The Blood Moon. Who else watched the latest season of American Horror Story? My updated (potentially controversial) ranking of AHS by season (😍>😡): Coven > Asylum > Roanoke > Hotel/Murder House > Freak Show.

He did this to himself.

Wilf has a sidequest for you.

Experimenting with a 75-300mm zoom lens my mum picked up ridiculously cheap at an auction.

These are moderately less terrifying than the stalker shots I also took of passers-by whilst testing out it’s telescopic abilities.

Halloween 2016: The Fifth Element! (More photos here.)

John’s turn as Catwoman. (More photos here.)

(Photo by Simon Crawford)

Halloween night, where we naturally won the costume competition. 💅🎃

A man of many talents: John made a cat toy out of the spare yarn from his costume.

When your bathroom floor collapses and it takes 5 months for the repairs to be finished but you console yourself with the fact that they retile the room and paint your bedroom for free. (Trust me: a small consolation for the endless fuckery that preceded it.)

St Andrews. 💙

In all the years I lived there (and the many visits since), it occurred to me that I’d never actually climbed St Rule’s Tower. Naturally it was closed on the one day we tried.

Five minutes into Buffy and chill.

I’d actually returned for the remembrance of the wonderful Nora Bartlett, which you can read about here.

It’s exhausting being this cute.

And again I state: he did this all himself.

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