Of “Bonnie, Bonnie Banks” fame.

Chez Abi in the village of Luss.

After experiencing Abi’s origami swan towels, I feel like we’re seriously slacking on our hospitality.

The following morning: hiking Beinn Dubh.

I think this is fairly representative of everyone’s relative keenness – not least John, hungover with his eyes closed.

Attempting to cross a boggier area of land, Cat informed John that this particular area looked solid: about 20 seconds before he was up to his knees in it.

Loch Lomond! My first ever visit.

We were sliiiightly missold this “gentle hike” which my phone later informed me was 9 miles long.

…but with views like this, who’s complaining? (The answer is my knees for the 48 hours that followed.)

After several false peaks (“We’re almost there!” “Next one’s the top!” “Just over that hill now!”), we finally reached the summit.

Sun and lunch: ideal combo.

Beinn Dubh is a horseshoe ridge encircling Glen Striddle. Its eastern arm rises directly from the village of Luss, and took us around Mid Hill in, well, the middle.

The Bog of Eternal Stench.

Post-lunch, John’s hangover finally abated – or, at the very least, the agony of his hike superseded it.

Mid Hill, right before the descent.

And a walk on the beach to finish, complete with ducks.


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