We now return to our regularly scheduled cat photos. (aka a mega-post of everything from the first half of 2016 that didn’t merit its own entry).

Kicking things off with some Wilf.

Minerva nesting in the bedsheets.

My favourite thing about Wilfred sleeping in these ridiculous positions is when he wakes up and all of the fur on one side of his face is completely flat, haha.

Found in a fortune cookie. I mean they’re not wrong?

Something tells me Joy wasn’t feeling the fantasy. And speaking of Skype-related mishaps:

That time Colin tried to show me the jigsaw he was working on and Kim looked on in dismay as we laughed for a solid hour about the fact that I was seeing this pixelated mess.

Cats: where gift-wrapping is the gift.

Delicious chilli chocolate from Everything Chilli. (John had something of an in with the owner given that he smuggled the moulds back from New York!)

He’s beauty and he’s grace.

Alf, once again asserting that my side of the bed is in fact his.

That…can’t be comfortable?

I think this soap just threatened my life.

Where I find Min most nights when I head to bed.

Sometimes there’s so much beauty in the world, I feel like I can’t take it, and my heart is just going to cave in.

John got me some amazing products for my birthday to keep my encroaching hag-dom at bay…

…though I still ended up taking a slightly more drastic approach. Relive the full horror here

By a stroke of less-than-stellar fortune, the same week I got an aggressive chemical peel, I also got the flu! Insult to injury: Alf decided he needed the hot water bottle more than I did and I never got a look in.

The best and dumbest card I’ve ever made. (For Kim, and all fans of The Comeback/terrible puns.)

Catching Min the (cat free) spare room. Look at that guilt.

I want you to draw me like one of your French girls.

Panda-monium with Mr Panderson, aka Drew Peacock.

We were given this beautiful Bellini set by James and Kim, who noticed a slight chip in the display box. After writing to Fortnum & Mason, they not only replaced the box…

…they sent us a whole extra set! 🍾 (Huge thank you to all parties! 🍹)


We were also recently gifted a fantastic new hoover by John’s mum. After one pass of the living room, the carpet was a completely different colour, and we’d picked up enough pet hair to construct a fourth cat. I didn’t know whether to be impressed by how clean the house is with the new hoover, or disgusted by how residually filthy it evidently was with the last one.

Ladies who Lunch, Part I: Roots & Fruits.

Ladies who Lunch, Part II: Blythswood Square.

This afternoon tea was kindly donated to us by one of John’s work colleagues who couldn’t make it herself, and was the perfect celebration of his new consultant pathologist job (!!!).

“Try to look less angry. Yes, perfect.”

Spotted in Glasgow.


Someone in this house has been ordering dinglehoppers, and astoundingly it wasn’t me! 🍴

Alf was not pleased with us that day.

Living room panorama, in which all three cats conveniently wandered into frame just as I panned over to them.

Beautiful solar-power bulbs (also given to us by John’s mum!).

I’ve had the weirdest craving for hot dogs lately: most pronounced when I smell them at the cinema, and most ironic since I didn’t eat them at all before I gave up meat. Nevertheless, John tracked down the constituent parts to make me these wonderful vegetarian equivalents! 🌭💖

Wilf and his Mary Poppins feet.

Flawless camouflage.

Seriously: Mistress of Disguise right here.

Back at Otherworld, this time with the very talented Ellie.

Sneaky peak at Kim’s Kill Bill/Machete tribute.

Housewarming with Mr Tom Harlow.

Happy Alfa-pendence Day! He was very pleased that his 8th birthday was met with such a celebration across the pond. 🇺🇸

Some of John’s study notes prior to taking his Part 2.

Is this not the most pure and beautiful insight into John’s mind?

Who’s that Pokémon?

Curiously enough, as someone who is a long-standing fan of the actual games and anime, I lasted 2 days before uninstalling Pokémon Go completely. Granted, it didn’t help that the server overload of half the UK playing on launch day caused it to crash every 5 minutes; but even once that was ironed out, the focus on thanklessly devoting hours of your time to grinding in order to progress was just lacking fundamentally in everything that makes Pokémon fun.

Minerva found a new hiding place under the bed…

…so naturally Alf immediately barged in and claimed it as his own.

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