The wedding of Cat and Chris in the beautiful setting of England’s Lake District.

I can’t think of a more appropriate date to bring to a Catholic wedding than the big J himself. 🙏 (Exacerbated somewhat after we ran into this guy at the church.)

Bridesmaid, Abi – who kindly picked John and I up from the train station and drove us to our lodgings the previous night via the Lake District’s actually rather terrifying roads. (They’re essentially walled with hedges or stone on either side, making each time you pass another car – or, god forbid, bus, a surprisingly death-defying experience.)

John was on bridal makeup duties from 5am onwards but discovered to his horror that while he’d remembered to pack all of the actual makeup, he’d left all but one of his brushes back in Scotland. Thankfully the crisis was quickly averted the following morning when the artist doing the bridesmaid’s makeup gave him unrestricted access to her kit.

Lady of the hour!

No chance of forgetting our table name.

Mother of the bride (and a slightly startled sister).

Ok, but why does this happen at every wedding we go to?

On our best behaviour.

The next day: a picnic by Esthwaite Water.

Pretty sure I got all the major food groups in there.

Proper milk carton cow!

The happy couple.

Back that ass up.

Pit stop on the drive home. Where. Are. My. DRAGONS?!

Ngl, those trees look like a penis.

And, to end on a slightly more romantic note, some beautiful photos by Kate Lowe Photography – because it’s always quite a novelty for me to be in wedding pictures!

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