Highlands and islands.

I’d spent a considerable portion of the previous two days on various modes of transport; largely mitigated by views like these. Scotland gives good countryside.

Ferry time!

I’d rarely describe a boat trip as “enjoyable” but with Gracie the exotic shorthair below deck…

…and Brodie the King Charles puppy above, I’ve certainly had worse.

The Isle of Arran – or, as one resident called it: Scotland in Miniature.

Lunch in the sun with John’s colleague Douglas and his lovely wife, Tina.

They literally have a castle turret in their back garden. #housegoals

Afterwards, Douglas, John and I went for a hike up beautiful Glen Sannox valley.

We had no shortage of ovine company.

Arran is divided into highland and lowland areas by the Highland Boundary Fault and has been described as a “geologist’s paradise”.

The area was shaped by immense glacial activity 8,000 years ago.

I remember taking this photo so that I could comment on the unusual heaviness of this rock, only I’ve now entirely forgotten what kind it was rendering this picture (and story) utterly pointless.

This is either Ceum na Caillich (the Witch’s Step) or Goatfell. Which is to say that this a mountain on Arran that I don’t know the name of.


I found Christmas in the wild!

Just a few yards from the beach in the tiny village of Catacol stand the Twelve Apostles.

Each of these fishermen’s cottages has a different upper window so that when the men were at sea, their wives would light a candle in the window and each man would know which house was signalling.

A ridge of clouds rolling over the peaks of Arran, looming like a second set of mountaintops.

My first visit to Arran but it definitely won’t be the last!

Making use of the few video clips I took.

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